Saturday, July 31, 2010

New England--- Highlight #5 and #6

#5--- the FOOD
Thanks to Abbie and Jake for letting us come on one of their dates to eat LOBSTER. 
And then we went out for ice cream.
New England knows its ice cream.
I had the black raspberry oreo... mmmmmm

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the huge roast beef sandwiches.
Those things were good.
I think we all spent the entire week filling up on meat and sugar.
It was glorious.

#6--- The company

I think Ben could spend all day with these kids and never run out of energy.
We had so much fun just playing.
Those kids couldn't get enough of Ben.

Being with family the whole week was such a blast.
I never wanted this trip to be over.
We should probably make this a yearly tradition.
I don't think anyone would have any complaints about that.

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Lindsi said...

We're in. But probably just until we realize how expensive it would be without all of the added financial backing. Darn that whole money thing.