Friday, July 30, 2010

New England--- Highlight #4




This was probably our favorite highlight
of our trip here to New Hampshire.
And we couldn't have done it without a little help ($) from Grandad.
(big thanks Grandad)
I totally psyched myself out on the way up to this place which I do any time I convince myself to do crazy things. I was all nervous and a bit sweaty... although I'm pretty sure the sweaty part had a lot to do with the 97% humidity that day. Either way, we had such a blast and this is something I would love to do again. After the first jump I realized it was less scary and more awesome. The longest zip line lasted over a minute and we were so high above the trees that you could see all the beauty that is New Hampshire. 

I told Ben that I want to work at a zip lining place so that we could go all the time. Definitely sounds way better than the job I have now.

We loved New Hampshire... a lot


jenni_hartman5 said...

No fair! Looks like your trip was so fun!!!

Brittany said...

That would have been awesome if you hit a bird! I wanna go to New Hampshire!

Lindsi said...

How fun! We'll have to go try it out next time we go and leave out kids at home.