Sunday, October 15, 2006

Tsunami Squad

When my friend Tony got home off his mission in March he said that we should make a co-ed softball team and I thought it was a good idea. I called up a bunch of my friends and got all the necessary forms to fill out. We're a pretty decent team but in the last few games we always fall short of winning by one or two runs. It's pretty frustrating. I look forward to every Tuesday night when we have games cause it gives me a chance to see some friends that I don't usually get to see on a regular basis. Some are married, others live farther away, and we all get carried away with our busy lives. I'm fortunate to have such good friends that I can enjoy one of my favorite activities with. Our team name is the Tsunami Squad and we have green shirts with the picture on it. How the name came about is another long story... My favorite part about the name is listening to how many people CAN'T say tsunami.

I decided that every season if we change the team name it should have a word that people can't pronounce like rendezvous, or bjork. Any cool suggestions?

My grandad won the car naming contest with Bonzai. Very close runners up were car-y-car, sent in by Mabel, and Gary Weiner for Jill who said I should name my car after the salesman.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here she is

This past Tuesday, October 3rd I bought my first car. It's a 2003 Toyota Camry, a ten year upgrade from the last one. I am in love with this car. It actually has working cold air and seat belts... something I wasn't used to with the other car. It drives so smooth that I have to keep my eye on the speedometer cause sometimes I don't realize that I'm speeding... Oops. I never imagined myself driving a tan car. I thought they were reserved for old people, but I bought it from a private dealer for a decent price and the color is starting to grow on me. Its definitely a girl car and I think she needs a name... any suggestions?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Rest in peace old friend

Last Monday my car officially took its last breath and died forever. I was out shopping and had finished spending money so I got in my car and tried to turn it on. It was hard to get it started so I thought "oh great, I need a new battery". So as I was driving down McKellips I called my parents just in case the car died on the way home. As I was talking to them, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a huge cloud of smoke coming from the exhaust. I pulled over and told them to come pick me up. As I was sitting there a boy came over to see if I needed any help and then yelled a few profanities when I showed him what happened when I turned the car on. My parents took me home and we got a tow truck in the morning and sent it to Gunnels. They said that I had blown the head gasket and that it would cost more to fix it than what the car is worth.

So this has been my ride to work for the past week. The weather has been fairly nice lately so its not so bad. Plus my job is only half a mile from my house.

And thank you times infinity to Mom, Dad, and Grandma for each letting me take their car to school. I love you all.