Thursday, October 25, 2007

Did You Miss Me?

Look at me, I'm back and blogging!

I've been super busy with school and working on not getting fired. Lately I've been having a long and tiring schedule with work and school. Tues and Thurs I leave the house by 7 for school and then go strait to work and get done at 6... except for Tues nights when I have soccer games, then I don't get home till much later. One of my co-workers had to have surgery so I've been filling in for her on MWF, so on those days I would go to work at 7 and get home at 6... except for on Wed when I have a 4 week night class from 6-9 at ASU. Plus homework and research papers on top of that... so needless to say I've been very tired and a little burned out. That's why I plan on being in bed by 8 or 9 tonight to catch up on a little sleepy time.

And speaking of soccer, it is my new love. I played one season in high school my senior year and had fun with it but haven't played much since then. So this season Laura and I decided to get a team together and play for Mesa Parks and Rec instead of softball, which we've done for the last year. Our team is called the Slackers since none of the team members had ever played with each other before and we never practiced. The season just ended on Tuesday and we lost every single game. Somehow our team got put in the highest division so we were playing against some teams that have been together for years. I still had so much fun and it makes me feel good about myself to run that much, and that hard, for that long. We improved so much throughout the season so I can't wait till the next one starts so we can get put in the right division and maybe win some games.