Friday, March 30, 2007

There's no turning back now!

I just officially paid for my ticket to Hawaii. I leave May 10 ( 2 days after my last final) and return on June 22. Wish me luck cause I'm still scared to not know anyone 600 miles from home. (Not completely true, I will have my friend Erik there... just no girls) But I think its something I have to do to keep some sanity and get away from school and work for a few weeks. Mahalo!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Acoustic Show #2

The show was awesome and we almost had no troubles this time. Just because a few of the 3 Fountains residents didn't know about my party they started freaking out and calling each other and coming up to the clubhouse and asking random people what was going on. So I had my mom talk to a few people and get everything straitened out and it was fine the rest of the night. I even had a few people come up to me at church today saying that I did a nice job cleaning up and that they were happy that there was no problems.

My friends Joshua and McKay, from Utah, were doing a little mini weekend tour this past weekend so that's why we had the show at my clubhouse. They played in St. George on Thurs, Las Vegas on Fri, and then Mesa on Saturday. Joshua James who is on the right hand side, has just recently sent some of his material into itunes and they love his music so his album is now on sale there. He is actually on the "Staff Favorites" list on the main page so you should definitely check him out, he will blow your mind.

McKay is on the left side and he is also an amazing performer.

A few other people played at the show as well and they all rocked the house.

All in all, I'd say it was a success!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Its the Worlds Biggest Tea Party

A couple of weeks ago I won some tickets on the radio to go see My Little Pony Live on stage. I could honestly only think of one little girl that would be completely excited to go. Who is 4 years old, loves the color pink, Ponies, and tea parties? MABEL of coarse. I couldn't tell her about it until two days before the show cause I new she would just be asking about it everyday up until that point and it killed me every time I saw her cause I knew how much she would love it and I just wanted to spill the beans, but I held my ground. I had 4 tickets so I invited Brittany and her niece to join us.

Kmle Country even gave us our own special private tea party before the show complete with cookies, lemonade, coloring pages, necklaces, and a tiara.

I figured that I got the tickets for free so I went ahead and bought her a little flag so that she could wave it when the ponies came out

We all had lots of fun watching the show and doing the "I'm a little teapot" dance

The seats were awesome, Thanks Kmle Country!!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

He sprung a leak!

So every day at work at the end of the day this little 2 year old boy Marcus has to come see me and let me love on him like 10 minutes before he goes home with his mom. Today he was sitting on my lap and we were playing with some magnets when I feel this warm sensation on my pants... yes, Marcus was peeing on me. I picked him up and tried to run him to the bathroom holding him with my arms extended out in front of me. By the time we got to the potty he had finished. All he left was a trail of pee from my chair to the bathroom door and a large wet spot on my crotch and down the inside of my leg... so basically it looked like I wet myself. One parent came in, looked down, and without saying a word, just cracked up laughing. When other parents came in the first thing their kid would say was "Marcus peed on Ms. Cathy" then they would look at me and laugh. Its probably a good thing that I love Marcus so much or I don't think I could have been in such good spirits about it. Everyone got a good chuckle at my expense, but I'm the one that go to go home early... Who's laughing now?

Probably still everyone else cause I'm sure I'll still get made fun of for the rest of the week.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Only crazy people fall in love with me

Two weeks ago at my institute class this kid reaches over and hands me a dollar bill and on it written is...
"I would like to take you out this weekend, what do you say? Sorry but I didn't have any else to write on. My name is Spencer."
I have never seen or talked to the kid in my life and he's asking me out on a date in the middle of class. So I waited till class was over and told him I was really busy but I'd see him next week at institute... purposefully not giving him my number or saying that we should do it another time because frankly he creeped me out... fast forward to this week... Spencer comes in late and sits diagonally behind me and starts poking me with his phone and on it written is a text. So we start writing back an forth on his phone and our conversation goes something like this...

Spencer: "So how was your weekend that you couldn't go out with me?"

Me: "It was good"

Spencer: "So I guess you're probably not interested in going out with me. Right?"

Me: "No offense, but not really" Unless you have more money that is. JK"

Spencer: "Oh, so you're money hungry huh? Can I ask why your not interested?"

Me: "You're not my type"

Spencer: "That's okay, I don't like dating snobs anyways"

Me: "Well I guess its settled then, we just won't date each other, I'm sorry you were offended"

end of conversation. I've never been so blunt with a guy but I was sick of being disrupted when I was trying to learn about the D&C.

Was I wrong to say all those things? Was I too mean?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

I got a shiner

This is my new black eye that I got on Wednesday at my softball game. It was the first pitch of the game when I swung and the ball hit the ground and came strait back up and hit me in the face. It's not too bad and hopefully it won't get worse cause sometimes it takes my body a couple of days for a bruise to really show up.