Sunday, March 25, 2007

Acoustic Show #2

The show was awesome and we almost had no troubles this time. Just because a few of the 3 Fountains residents didn't know about my party they started freaking out and calling each other and coming up to the clubhouse and asking random people what was going on. So I had my mom talk to a few people and get everything straitened out and it was fine the rest of the night. I even had a few people come up to me at church today saying that I did a nice job cleaning up and that they were happy that there was no problems.

My friends Joshua and McKay, from Utah, were doing a little mini weekend tour this past weekend so that's why we had the show at my clubhouse. They played in St. George on Thurs, Las Vegas on Fri, and then Mesa on Saturday. Joshua James who is on the right hand side, has just recently sent some of his material into itunes and they love his music so his album is now on sale there. He is actually on the "Staff Favorites" list on the main page so you should definitely check him out, he will blow your mind.

McKay is on the left side and he is also an amazing performer.

A few other people played at the show as well and they all rocked the house.

All in all, I'd say it was a success!


Chelsea Jenkins said...

Hi you don't know me, but I've come across your blog through some other blogs I adore reading and I've fallen in love with you (not literally, I mean... I'm a girl and I'm married and I just don't swing that way). I think you are so super cute and fun. Well the point is, I have two brother in laws who I would like you to go on a date with. They aren't weird like your institute man, but they are single. If you would be at all interested, please email me. I already told one of them to look at your blog and start reading it. This guy is 23, a student at MCC, he drives the short bus while not in class (drives it, doesn't ride it) and he's super fun. His name is Brett Jenkins and he too lives in Mesa, AZ. Anyways, email me! I hope I didn't creep you out too much!- Chelsea Jenkins

Jake said...

I don't want to set you up with any of my brothers. I just want to tell you that I went to James's Myspace page & listened to the music he has there & I really liked it. Maybe you could get them to play another Mesa show this summer. Speaking of summer, all of your virtual friends (like me and Abbie) would like an update on your summer plans.

Abbie said...

Dear Chelsea,

As Cathy's sister, I'm going to need more information about you and your brothers-in-law. Can you give me the blog links you take to get to Cathy blog? Where did these boys graduate high school? Do they have a myspace page or other way to spy on them, since they are able to spy on Cathy? What is their GPA? Are they cute? My advice to Cathy is to contact you. I think it's a great way to get a date. I (and others I'm sure) just want more info!


Brit-brat said...

So, why are you all popular? My family doesn't like me or something. You are the only one who reads mine, haha! I love you Cathy!
p.s do the date thing, that would be fun!

Brit-brat said...

You're so popular girl! haha. My family doesn't even read mine, and i've told them all about it! awe gee... you're a swell friend... you are the only one who reads mine! haha

Brit-brat said...

Okay, just for the heck of it, i thought my first one got erased and i couldn't remember exactly what i wrote, so there you go. Two different versions of the same kind of comment! haha, take your pick!

Chelsea said...

I'm sorry I've turned your blog into a dating service. I just thought you looked like a cute girl and I think my brother is a cute guy, so that's it. In answer to your sister's comment, I am Chelsea Jenkins, I grew up in Scottsdale and i'm Hilari's sister. (Now here goes the blog to blog playback) My sister has the blog "Tammy Faye's Fan Club" her BFF from middle school is Mrs. Dub aka "Musings and Misadventures". From there I started to read "Barefoot in the Kitchen" and then stumbled across you. I've sort of become addicted to blogs, because while I'm at ASU and I don't have a class, I like to take my mind off the fact that I'm still there after 5 years (but almost done). Unfortunatley my bros don't have blogs or myspace accounts. Brett, is 23, Handsome and tall 6'2"ish, smart (wants to be an engineer but i don't know the GPA, sorry, but he studies alot so I'm sure he gets good grades)He graduated from Mesa High in 2002. He served a mission in Uraguay and was a good boy. Acctually Cathy, my husband knows some of your friends he said. He was reading your blog he saw that you're friends with Wyatt and Briley Brown. Dusty (my man) was Wyatt's mission companion in Guatemala... Mesa is such a small world!!! Anyways, Brett looked at your blog and thought you were just as cute as I did so if you're interested (I didn't mean to make it a high pressure situation or anything) let me know and I'll give you his number or email or something we can figure out. I hope your sister will approve!
Abbie, I read your blog sometimes too... and I think your daughter is Darling! Congrats on the teeth!

Chelsea said...

Sorry that was SOOO long!