Wednesday, March 07, 2007

He sprung a leak!

So every day at work at the end of the day this little 2 year old boy Marcus has to come see me and let me love on him like 10 minutes before he goes home with his mom. Today he was sitting on my lap and we were playing with some magnets when I feel this warm sensation on my pants... yes, Marcus was peeing on me. I picked him up and tried to run him to the bathroom holding him with my arms extended out in front of me. By the time we got to the potty he had finished. All he left was a trail of pee from my chair to the bathroom door and a large wet spot on my crotch and down the inside of my leg... so basically it looked like I wet myself. One parent came in, looked down, and without saying a word, just cracked up laughing. When other parents came in the first thing their kid would say was "Marcus peed on Ms. Cathy" then they would look at me and laugh. Its probably a good thing that I love Marcus so much or I don't think I could have been in such good spirits about it. Everyone got a good chuckle at my expense, but I'm the one that go to go home early... Who's laughing now?

Probably still everyone else cause I'm sure I'll still get made fun of for the rest of the week.


Abbie said...

You should go to work today with a wet spot on your pants again, and say that you're just trying to start a trend.

They'll follow. Oh yes, they'll follow.

Robin said...

Who's laughing now, you ask? Me, I am.