Sunday, March 04, 2007

Only crazy people fall in love with me

Two weeks ago at my institute class this kid reaches over and hands me a dollar bill and on it written is...
"I would like to take you out this weekend, what do you say? Sorry but I didn't have any else to write on. My name is Spencer."
I have never seen or talked to the kid in my life and he's asking me out on a date in the middle of class. So I waited till class was over and told him I was really busy but I'd see him next week at institute... purposefully not giving him my number or saying that we should do it another time because frankly he creeped me out... fast forward to this week... Spencer comes in late and sits diagonally behind me and starts poking me with his phone and on it written is a text. So we start writing back an forth on his phone and our conversation goes something like this...

Spencer: "So how was your weekend that you couldn't go out with me?"

Me: "It was good"

Spencer: "So I guess you're probably not interested in going out with me. Right?"

Me: "No offense, but not really" Unless you have more money that is. JK"

Spencer: "Oh, so you're money hungry huh? Can I ask why your not interested?"

Me: "You're not my type"

Spencer: "That's okay, I don't like dating snobs anyways"

Me: "Well I guess its settled then, we just won't date each other, I'm sorry you were offended"

end of conversation. I've never been so blunt with a guy but I was sick of being disrupted when I was trying to learn about the D&C.

Was I wrong to say all those things? Was I too mean?


Abbie said...

"Plus, I'm kind of a floosy, and I know you have higher standards than I do". You forgot to tell us about that part of your conversation.

It's a good thing that sarcasm doesn't translate well in text messages, cause now he actually thinks you're a jerk instead of thinking you're funny, and he'll back off.

Cathy said...

And I forgot to mention that I'm not a hooker so he doesn't need to pay me for dates... note that I kept his dollar though

Emily said...

I DID notice that you kept his dollar. And thanks for the best laugh of my day, oh wait, I watched My Name is Earl earlier, so that's a lie.

Macey Kay said...

That is pretty fuuny-I can't believe how blunt you are!

Robin said...

Institute may be a little akward now, but I would have told him he would've gotten better results with a 20! Actually, I was always a sucker and went out with random guys cause I didn't know how to politely say no. I guess that's how I keep getting pregnant too-jk!

Lauren said... and you are the same. I tell guys no all the time...straight up "no, im not interested". way to go..

Brit-brat said...

First, I'd like to say... since when did you start paying attention in institute? And secondly... you for sure weren't paying attention cause you were sitting next to "you know who" and drooling all over your desk. Third off... Yea, that kid was really creepy. Institute is going to be tons of fun from now on though!!!

Mrs. Burns said...

I still remember the day that I decided never to go out with another guy that I met at institute. They always turned out to be wierd.