Monday, February 23, 2009

Open to the Public

My blog is officially not on private anymore. I went through and deleted any incriminating posts that had gotten me in trouble with my work a few years ago. I learned my lesson and its time to move on with life.

In other news, Ben and I are in the market to buy a new truck... and by new I don't really mean new... just new to us. The truck he is driving right now belongs to his parents and will soon be driven by his little brother Sam who returns from his mission at the end of April. If you know of any good deals please let us know.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sorry Grandad...

Sorry that I never blog anymore and that you have to harass me through e-mail to get me motivated again. And sorry to the other 4 and a half people that look at my blog randomly. Ben and I don't have a computer or the internet so we don't get on much and plus I feel like my life is pretty boring and unblogworthy right now.

Ben and I have been married for 4 months now and its been pretty fun. I've learned a lot more about him in this past little while being married than when we were dating. Like the fact that Ben has this amazing talent of falling asleep ridiculously fast. He always falls asleep before me which is fine but the other night we were talking in bed and he seriously fell asleep mid word. When I started laughing he woke up and realized what had happened. I think we were talking about stuff that happened when we were dating and he wanted to say "Remember when..." but ended up saying "Remememmm.........."

How's that for talent?