Saturday, June 02, 2007

Rope Swings are Funtasgreat!

Today we drove about 40 minutes to a rope swing. The hike down takes less than 5 minutes and it was totally fun. I was the first girl to try it because everyone else was too nervous so I had to lead the way. Everyone ended up doing it and thankfully no one got hurt. I even got to spend a little time with my friend Rob who I met in Hawaii 2 years ago. He moved down to Honolulu and got a girlfriend there so this is only the second time I've seen him since I've been over here, the first was when he picked me up from the airport. I wanted to get a picture with him but my camera battery died right at the end of the trip. I know I'll see him again so its not a big deal.


Robin said...

I am going to have to stop reading your blog cause I am extremely jealous of all your Hawaiian fun and how beautiful it is there!

Emily said...

I am also going to need to know how to get here for someday when I go back to Hawaii.

Macey Kay said...

Looks like fun! (That's an understatement)