Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break 09

This is the first Spring Break in a very long time that I did not go to Mexico. Since most of my siblings did not go and we are trying to save money, Ben and I decided to make our own fun.

Monday we spray painted a desk I bought the Saturday before for $5. We turned it from wood color to black and it looks awesome. We also went to IKEA and did other random errands.

Tuesday we went to the zoo

(Ben looks silly in this pic but hey there's an elephant in it)

Wednesday we had Mexico Day
  • we ate mexican pastries, drank soda out of glass bottles, flew kites, and ate burritos at some run down, very small, authentic, could have been straight from Mexico restaurant... And it may have been the best burrito I've ever had
Thursday we relaxed and gave our blood to the United Blood Services

Friday to Saturday we went camping in Payson
It was a good spring break

Also, Ben's birthday was the week before so we went on an adventurous hike. HAPPY 24h!


Ty & Deb said...

what a spectacular spring break! lets plan a game night.

nana said...

We missed you in Mexico. Next year for sure.