Monday, September 08, 2008

Update Time

I realize I've been neglecting my blog since I've been engaged so here's a little update on what we've gotten accomplished in the last 3 weeks.

  • bought a dress
  • decided on a date (Oct. 17)
  • took announcement pictures
  • ordered invitations
  • registered at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond
  • bought potential bridesmaids dresses
  • chose a reception location
  • hired a decorator
  • hired a caterer
  • bought a guest book
  • my parents met Ben's parents
  • found groomsmen vests
  • meeting with cake lady tonight
In only 3 weeks we've gotten so much done but I feel like the list is never ending. Our top 3 things to get done next is to find a photographer, someone to do flowers, and find a place to live in Mesa. If you or anyone you know can help with these it would be much appreciated.


Robin said...

Wow, you are doing great! Try not to get too stressed. Congrats again, can't wait to get an invite.

Lauren said...

Troy Brinkerhoff is a fantastic amazing.
I am using a lady named Michelle from "Michelle's Designs". Her flower shop is on Power and Main St. She is super good and really inexpensive.
Ted and I just got an apartment on Stapley and the US-60. They are luxury apartments that usually go for $800 a month, but they are having a special right now where you get 2 months free and rent for $599 a month! We love our apartment! It is super cute.

Where is your reception going to be at?

Brittany said...

Holy cow, do we need to get together! and I heard Carrying Cathy for the first time today... did you know that song is extremely depressing??

nana said...

Thank you Brittany, for pointing that out. How about a new blog title? Ben and Cathy?? Cathy and Ben? October's First Wedding?

Emily said...

Wow, I'm impressed with how much you've gotten acomplished already. I know of a traveling photographer who is very talented and inexpensive. Here is the link to his website:
It sure would be fun to live in the same apartment complex as Ted and Lauren...
I don't think I'll be able to come to your wedding :( since I'll be flying to one in OKC two weeks before that. Sad.

Macey Kay said...

Things are moving right along. Our photographer's name was Twila-don't know her last name so I am no much help. Good luck!