Sunday, March 23, 2008

Two Spring Breaks?

It sounds nice, right? Although it was fun getting out of town for 2 weekends in March, it was all too short. After my classes on Thursday I took off down to Mexico where the rest of my family was. I barely missed seeing Danny and Lindsi, we passed each other on the road pretty close to the border without even knowing it. I stayed from Thursday night to Saturday afternoon and soaked up as much sun as possible on Friday (probably a little too much). I bought the token pair of sunglasses from a vendor and ate fish tacos at the Blue Marlin which is a definite must. Those tacos were the only thing on my "to do list" while I was there, and they didn't let me down.Mabel and I spent a lot of time playing on the beach together. We got in the cold water and wrote our names in the sand. We made a good team. Hopefully next year Spring Break will work out better to my favor so I can be there for the whole week.


Robin said...

mmmm, fish tacos. I didn't go this year, so we will have to make a weekend trip in April!

Brittany said...

I got a 4 hour spring break to Usery Pass to hike the Wind Caves! Maybe next spring break i'll get my people and you get your people and we'll go. haha

Macey Kay said...

I'm jealous...I've only had the opportunity to join your fam in Mexico for one Spring Break (with Jill too) and I sure remember those fish tacos :)