Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring Break 2008

ASU likes to ruin my life in many different ways. The latest way is how they did spring break this year. I just finished my spring break last week and my family is starting theirs this week. Every year my family goes to Rocky Point, Mexico for a whole week while everyone is out of school but this year I can't go because of the different schedules. I'm actually going to try and drive down Thursday after school and be back Saturday... Its not much but if I don't get a fish taco in my belly soon, I might go crazy. 

So last week for my "break" I went to Tucson to visit Abbie. I was there from Saturday till Tuesday. I had a good time just being able to relax and not have to worry about mid terms or going to work. Sophie did this a lot for some reason.
I'm not quite sure what it means but as soon as I got to their house she just laid on the ground and started rolling around. And then at the park this happened a few more times.

Spending time in Tucson did get Sophie used to me so it made me super happy when Abbie and Jake came down to Mesa this weekend and Sophie came and gave me a big hug. I'm pretty excited for the whole family to be in Mexico together. I just wish I would be able to spend more time down there with them. I guess there's always next year... and by then I won't have to worry about school anymore!!!


Brittany said...

I friggin hate school!!! The only good thing about it is the Taco Bell every Tuesday.

nana said...

Next year maybe ASU will make a phone call to the rest of the schools in the state and figure out when spring break should be!