Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stay Strong Little Phone

This is currently what my phone looks like... and surprisingly it still works. There is just one life-line of a string holding it together but I'm still able to talk and text with it.

I've had this phone for almost two years now. I'm about a month away from being able to renew my contract and get a new one so I'm still going to hold out with this sorry looking mess. We've been through a lot together and I'm not ready to get rid of it yet.

And I've been thinking lately that I like all the new fancy phones on the market right now but I'm not sure my lifestyle is ready to own something that nice. I'm not very careful with cell phones... as you can tell... and by not careful, I mean I once threw it in the air and let someone hit it with a blow up bat. It flew across the room and into a wall...oopsies. The cell phone I had before this one went through the washing machine... I just took it apart and let it dry out for a day and it worked fine.

How much longer do you give this one? I'm not giving up hope yet

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Brittany said...

I'm not giving up hope either. That phone has been threw hell and back and by golley, it's not going to die now! This phone is going to enter the World's Hall Of Fame of Phones if you ask me. I can feel it.