Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween is Finally over

Does having Halloween in the middle of the week mess anyone else up? By the time my work got done with our Fall Festival on Friday and our ward Trunk or Treat on Saturday I felt like it should have been over by then... but no, there was still 4 more days. Then on the real Halloween my kids at work had a little party so it made it feel like Friday. I was so messed up.

On Wednesday (Halloween night) Brittany and I went to a YSA party dressed as cops and robbers. My clothes came from Goodwill and the accessories came in a pack from Fry's for $3. If I was standing by myself at the party people would ask me if I was a security guard or a cop, but if Brit and I were together they usually got it. The party was fun... no one fun or interesting to meet though... I'm starting to give up hope on that... I mean, I will be 22 next week. Thats pretty much considered an old hag in Mormon standards.
Just jokes... not that I like being single but I'm not in a rush to get married... although it would be nice to have a scrabble partner for family game night.

Then on Thursday the ASU institute did a "Jack-O-Smash" where people could bring their carved pumpkins to the top of the 4 story parking structure and throw it off. Awesome idea.


Stephanie said...

you look tough.

i hope you are willing to give up your costume accessories tonight. i know a little boy who really wants them.

Danny said...

yeah, and a partner to do dishes with , cuz we're done helping you when it's your week.

Emily said...

Jack-o-smash, cool.

Abbie said...

I may or may not have set Sophie under the desk for the sake of a picture. She was not done playing in the drawer at that time - thus the tears.

Lauren said...

hahah that jack-o-smash is so randomly awesome! Love it!

My friend Kelci dressed as a Green Lego and she showed me a picture of her and you were in it. Love the costume.