Friday, July 27, 2007

And Then There Were 28

I officially went from 32 teeth to 28 yesterday and I'd do it all over again just to get put under. All I remember is laying in the dental chair looking at the light above my head and then getting into my dad's car. I don't remember falling asleep or standing up out of the chair or if anyone said anything to me in the process. I barely remember seeing my dad's bright blue car and then I fell asleep again on the way home. When I got home into the kitchen my dad had me take the gauze out of my mouth to take my medication and then I stumbled down the stairs and passed out on my bed for the next 3 hours. I woke up a few times to wipe the drool from my face but other than that I was just out cold.

Don't read this next part if you have a weak stomach...

When I woke up from that state of unconsciousness I went into the bathroom to discover that it wasn't saliva I was wiping from my face. When I took the gauze out of my mouth to take my medicine I didn't put any back in and I had just been bleeding everywhere... not drooling.

Other than that I've just been keeping frozen vegetables on my face, sleeping and watching the beginning of movies... it doesn't help that I already have a movie watching disease that I never stay awake anyways, but add some good strong drugs on top of that and its a sleepy combination.


Lauren said...

Didn't you just LOVE getting put was my fav. I hate putting frozen veggies next to me face.

Liam's Mom - Gina said...

Glad you survived the procedure, now can you survive the floating clots then the holes in the back of your mouth? Ugh... I hated all that.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Macey Kay said...

nothing better than a few painkillers and some ice cream