Monday, May 07, 2007

I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it! I passed statistics. I needed to get a 65 on the final exam to get a 'C' in the class so I went one step ahead of that to earn a 66. Now this may not seem like something to praise over but there was something about that class that didn't click in my head, not to mention the boring teacher with a monotone voice. I felt like everyone around me was understanding and as much as they tried to help me, I just couldn't comprehend.My heart was literally pounding every time I checked my grades this weekend to see how I did.I'm relieved that I never have to take that class ever again.

3 finals down, 1 more to go. Wish me luck and pray for me on this one because I'm in almost the same situation. For some reason I kind of checked out in the middle of this semester and I'm definitely paying for it now with 2 of my classes totally relying on finals. If all goes well with my last test I'll have earned two A's and two C's. Not my best work but its not the end of the world.

Ps... I leave for Hawaii on Thursday!!!


Stephanie said...

oh, i barely passed statistics myself. it was the worst! good luck on the rest of your tests. just imagine, in a matter of days you will be lying on the beach without a care in the world!

Abbie said...

I felt the EXACT same way with statistics. I just DIDN'T get it, and I remember thinking, "everyone in the ENTIRE university has to take this class, why do they understand it, and I don't?" I'm glad you're done with it.