Monday, January 29, 2007

Girls Weekend!

This weekend 9 of us girls went to my friend Alecia's cabin for a weekend of just the girls. Two of the nine left their husbands, and one left her fiance behind for this road trip. It didn't actually snow when we were there but it was so thick that it went past my ankles. The weekend was complete with a dance party, prank calling, and lots of girl talk. Me and Katie even made a snowman Sunday morning with a popsicle nose.


Robin said...

Hooray for girl time! That looks like so much fun. I think the lip biting dance picture is pretty awesome.

Abbie said...

It looks like your snowman has a runny nose. Snowmen boogers are orange, turns out.

nana said...

Nice "cabin"! It's the return of the Hawaiian babes. You are breaking hearts all over the world.