Sunday, January 21, 2007


Is there any place on the internet where I can rent a baby? Sometimes on Sunday at church I just want to hold a baby through out the meetings to keep me a little more interested. I thought about ebay or craigslist, but I don't want to buy one, just rent for a couple hours each sunday afternoon. Boy or girl, doesn't matter to me... maybe between the ages of 3 and 8 months old.


Emily said...

I bet any number of families would be happy to lend you their baby during church. Just ask.

Robin said...

I know of a baby in Tucson that might work, but I'm not sure about the commute. I will have one available for you by the end of the year, keep in touch, we might not even charge you.

Brit-brat said...

Hey, we can pretend we're lovers today in church if you come with Brynlee and I. haha. K, I take that back, i need to find me a daddy for my future babies. I don't think that would be the best choice for us. haha