Saturday, September 30, 2006

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why to get to KinderCare of coarse.

Yesterday when I got to work, everyone was talking about how there was a chicken in on our playground in the backyard, and sure enough, there was. A little black chicken had squeezed through the rod iron fence and was pecking away at our grass. It was in a part of the playground that we never use and is fenced off, so when the kids went outside they were all lined up against the fence watching it peck at the grass.

One of my co-workers, Kim, said that if I could catch it, she would take it home and keep it... That sounded like a challenge to me. So me and another lady I work with, Connie, went out on our mission with boxes in hand. By this time, our little chicken friend had moved out front and was hiding under the busses. After a few failed attempts to catch it from under the bus, I look over at Connie chasing it back over to the playground. It squeezed through the fence again so I ran and hopped over while Connie ran around through the building. Meanwhile all the kids are still lined up against the fence, on the playground side, screaming and yelling while I'm chasing the chicken with a box. Finally, after running around for a few minutes, I trapped it in a corner and caught it with my box.

It had to have been the funnest, craziest morning of work. Kim took the chicken home and now it roaming around in her backyard... Chickens are fast... but I'm much faster


Abbie said...

You're also smarter, Cathy. Smarter than a chicken.

Emily said...

Maybe I will call you, "Chicken feet." Maybe not though.
We had a rather friendly squirrel in our preschool backyard for a few days. One of the little boys named him, "Jackson."

Jake said...

5:53 am. My guess is up late, not up early.