Friday, September 22, 2006

Loud music and no old people

Jessica from Diamante

Chip Webb and his brother

Whit Gardner from XYZebra

McKay Stephens

Something in Portugese

Last Saturday, Sept. 16. I had an acoustic show in our clubhouse. It was so amazingly fun. These are the 5 people/groups that performed. The second to last one is my friend McKay from Utah, he came down with some other people to visit and wanted to play a show for us Mesa folks. So I asked around and found the others who would be willing to play acoustic and for free. There was a pretty good turn out, probably around 50 people, if not more. I also got some good feedback from friends saying that they think I should make it a monthly event... I'm not sure about that but for sure I'd do it again.


Stephanie said...

looks like fun! i am sorry we missed it.

nana said...

I beg your pardon. I'm old and it wasn't that loud.

Emily said...

Good for you, Miss Event Planner. Sounds like a blast!