Thursday, May 27, 2010

Live and Learn

To get in and out of our humble little one bedroom apartment you have to pass through 2 doors (one regular door and one screen door) and 4 locks. The doors are old and sometimes the locks are hard to turn with the old keys we have.

So in efforts to make our lives a bit easier Ben and I decided that when we leave the house we would lock the handle, shut the door and then lock the top one with our keys.

One day we locked the handle, shut the door and then realized neither of us had our keys.
We were locked out of our own house.
Very embarrassed, we called our landlord to come rescue us.

Now every time we leave the house I make sure to ask Ben if he has his keys.
Most of the time he closes the door and pretends he doesn't have them.
Then one time (again) he really didn't have his keys... and neither did I.

We were embarrassed again.
But this time we remembered that one of our windows wasn't locked.
So Ben (in his church clothes) pried off the window screen, slid open the window, and jumped through the blinds to let me in.
The whole time I was on the look out for others in our ward to be walking home so I could just act casual like taking the screen off our windows was something we did all the time.

It was then that I realized that we don't learn from our mistakes.
So I changed that (in a way) and put the key to the back door of our apartment on with the spare key to my car and took it over to my parents house.

Since then, I have (by myself) locked myself out of my house two more times... most recently on Tuesday
Each time one of my parents has so graciously brought me the key to my back door.
And each time I tell them to wait for me so I can give the key back because lets face it... it will probably happen again.

This also worked the time I locked my keys in my car at my old job


nana said...

Is anyone who knows you (or Ben)going to be surprised by this?

Brittany said...

Day 3 of missing homework assignments:
"ok cathy, this is all we had to turn in today RIGHT?"
"brittany, thats the wrong assignment!!!"

Macey said...

I live pretty close if you want to drop a key off at my house :)

Skye said...

you're funny cathy. thanks for the comment on my blog, I think i've learned my lesson.

Tiffany Haynes said...

haha! After having Nolan, I have a mental checklist that I go through before I leave the house cuz being locked out with a baby just wouldn't be very much fun. Maybe you should start asking yourself if you have your keys BEFORE you leave the house next time:)

Emily said...

As I leave the house I have a mantra I say to keep me from doing anything too retarded. It is, "wallet, phone, keys, wallet, phone, keys, wallet..." It works.

C Whetten said...

Great Cathy...some of us learn better by doing. Hope you are learning.