Sunday, March 21, 2010

25 years old... my mother she told me so

(what's the next line to that song?)

Last week Ben turned 25 years old
That's 5 times older than when he wore cowboy boots and shorts to kindergarden
He's a quarter of the way to being 100 and
he's now closer to 30 than he is to 20.

To celebrate we went out to dinner at a Venesuelan place called
My Arepa, which we highly recommend
and then met up with Brittany and Brady for an Improv Comedy show

The next day we packed ourselves up and headed off to go hiking and camping
On the hike we got to have our last snowball fight of the season

Hiking was a lot of fun but we didn't plan for enough time. It wasn't too long of a hike but we couldn't finish because the sun was starting to go down and we still needed to set up camp.
We plan on making time for this one again

On our way to the campsite we saw a bunch of wild turkeys

We forgot to bring the converter pump for the air mattress
 so we slept on the cold, hard ground
inside the cold, small tent...
It was cold... real cold

Besides our sleeping arrangements it was a fun trip.
We were the only ones on our hike and the only ones at the campsite.

This is not where we camped
but we found this sweet spot where we'll be camping next time...
Anyone want to come?

Happy Birthday Ben!


Fiery Jack said...

I love hiking and camping! And so does Shirley. Where did you guys go? I want to see the wild turkeys! Or is it a secret spot?

Emily said...

I just wanna fly!

Tiffany Haynes said...

I've actually been thinking camping might be kinda fun lately. Let us know when you guys are going next and hopefully Rob will have off and we can swing it.

Happy B-day Ben!

Brittany said...

Hey! Ya! We'd love to camp there with you guys! In fact, I think next time we won't get lost and suffer the horrible disappointment of looking back and realizing we were only five minutes away from where we decided we were lost and turned around. :) Oh well, it was a good hour and a half drive. Better luck next time! Glad YOU guys had fun that night! haha