Monday, August 27, 2007

I Was Wrong... Skateboarding IS a Crime

I just got home from my hearing for "Skateboarding on the Roadway". My mom represented me as my attorney and did an amazing job. I was surprised how official it was. Judge Hazel sat up on his high throne in front of us. My lawyer and I sat at the desk on the left and Officer Smith sat across from us on the right. Both the officer and I had to be sworn in to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth while raising our right hands.

My attorney plead our case in 3 aspects.

First: The ticket was written to a Miss Catherine COOK... not Court

Second: The ticket was written under sanction 10-3-10 which states that no persons riding rollerskates, coasters, or any such devices may be on the roadway except in crosswalks... It says nothing about skateboards. Skateboards have their own separate law which clearly defines skateboarding as not being allowed on stairways or various government properties.

Third: The fact that this law is selectively enforced in the area of Las Sendas... where the chief of police lives.

My attorney did an amazing job but the Judge still favored on the side of Officer Smith on the terms that the bike lane (where I was riding) is "exclusively" for bicycles.

He did, however, reduce the fine by $7... How's that for stickin it to the man... Right?


Abbie said...

Man I can't believe the police officer showed up.

Brittany said...

Ya, I'm totally impressed with him showing up for that AND YOUR mom for being such an amazing attorney. I'll remember to have her as my attorney when i go rob that bank I've been planning in my head for months!

Emily said...

Seven dollars?!! I got a good little chuckle out of that.