Sunday, August 27, 2006

The outcome of my decision

A few months ago I posted about my decision to stay in Arizona and go to ASU in the fall. I had no idea that it would be the most stressful decision of my life . I started my application to ASU back in June and as part of the process I had to send all of my transcripts from Westwood HS, Mesa Community College, and BYU Hawaii. This was the last step and all I had to do from there was wait for approval and sign up for classes... Not as easy as it sounds.

Somehow, my transcripts from BYU Hawaii were not making it. With in 2 months I had them resent 3 times. I was at the point where I didn't care about those 6 credits anymore and asked if ASU would just forget about them but that wasn't an option. So on Wed August 9th, I found out that the Hawaii credits finally made it in. And even now with all my information there, I still had to wait to be accepted. So again, all I can do is sit and wait. On Wed August 16, I found out that I was approved for admissions but still could not register because they didn't have my shot records... Something that could have been brought to my attention weeks ago!! So I got those faxed in and took Friday morning off of work so that I could go down to the campus and sign up for classes that started on Monday the 21st.

On Friday morning I drove myself down to the unfamiliar campus. I got pushed around from place to place for 3 hours and was still not signed up for any classes. One advisor told me that I was basically starting over because most of my MCC credits wouldn't count for anything. I was so frustrated from not getting any answers and sweaty from walking around in the AZ sun that I gave up and went home.

That night I was so depressed and angry that I went down to the temple and just sat in the grass outside for 2 hours by myself. I thought about why I was staying in Arizona, and if I should just take the semester off of school.

On Saturday I spent the day with my whole family down in Tucson to visit Abbie and Jake and to see the Lion King on stage. After the play we all went to dinner and I explained my situation to Danny and Lindsi. They agreed to come over on Sunday and see if they could help. So on Sunday we sat down at the computer and looked at my options... which were looking much better with their help and advice. I figured out 4 classes that I could take and began to register for them... but I was 12 minutes too late. The ASU computer systems were closed down already so I would have to wait until the morning.

So finally on Monday morning Aug 21, at 7am, I registered for my classes, one of which started at 7:40... but of course, nothing works out they way its planned, two of my classes were closed already. So basically now I'm a week into the semester at Arizona State University, taking 2 classes.

I hope to find out soon why I'm still in Arizona cause going to BYU would have been so much easier. Only time will tell... I guess


Abbie said...

Don't forget that going to BYU would have required much more than registering for classes-finding a new job (competing against 30,000 other students in a college town), finding a place to live (in my opinion, like 100x harder than registering for classes), buying groceries, being nice to new roommates, and not having a black cat slobber on you in the morning.

Jake said...

maybe you're at ASU so that you can go to our halloween party (see abbie's blog). just think, you were this close (fingers held really close together) to missing it.

really, though, another benefit of ASU is the job market. since you're here, you can work in your future profession while you are in school. then, when you graduate, you'll have experience that all those byu kids don't have. trust me, i'm in that byu type situation. there are no jobs down here in tucson, so when i graduate, i'll be competing with all the ASU grads who have been able to work during school. i'm sure it will pay off. it takes time.

Robin said...

It sounds like all the stress will pay off. Don't worry, we all find ourselves looking around bewildered now and then saying what the heck am I doing?!Then one day you reach in your pocket find a five dollar bill and everything in your life is right again. Hang in there.

Emily said...

Did you try showing up to classes you weren't registered for and begging the teacher to add you? It's worked for me a few times.
Arizona rocks, only Utah's mountains hold any lasting appeal. Stay near your crazy family, smile, read your scriptures, say your prayers. You are where you know you should be (though you may never know why).